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The institute is located at Durgapur (Burdwan, W.B.) famous all over the world for Iron & Steel Industry. Situated in the midst of open, attractive scenery of nature the Institute is housed in a three-storied building at Nehru Avenue.

Excellence in any branch of education ultimately depends on the faculty and our lecturers and instructors are among the best. Besides full-time lecturers, eminent scholars experienced in the respective fields are invited as guest lecturers.

The institute has a well-equipped and ultra modern Microbiology, Biochemistry and tissue-culture laboratory (1300 Sq. ft. each) with sophisticated Biotechnological and Biochemical instruments.The institute is also equipped with food & beverage production lab, food and beverage service lab, housekeeping lab & front office lab.

Vision :

“Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision is just an activity. Action & vision can together change the world”, said Joel Barker once.

The vision of DIST Group of Institutions is to impart academic and career-oriented comprehensive education in India & to establish institutes notable for their ability to integrate professional education with humanistic, scientific & social learning as well as research capability. We aim to be a Global Organization that constantly adapts and stays a step ahead in dealing with change, creating new value systems and contributing broadly to the Industry.

Mission :

  • Impart quality education without distinction of religion, race, caste or language.
  • Establish training Institutions at every level to impart vocational and continuing education through periodic short-term and annual program.
  • Tie-up with similar academic institutions here and abroad for introducing time tested as well as new and innovative teaching and training program for the non-traditional areas of activity.
  • Promote research as a major component of higher education which includes projects as well as case research.
  • Build a pool of professional expertise which can bridge the gap between theory and practice through continuous interaction with business and industry.
  • Evolve a close-knit networking with the local community, business & industry and NGOs.
  • Extend financial assistance through awards of scholarship, prizes, medals, rewards and endorsements for excellence in studies and other areas of human endeavor.
  • Contribute to the socio-economic progress of the community around, by extending financial support to the promotion of developmental and enlightenment schemes.

Our Belief:

  • All students can learn when they are provided with resources and support.
  • Different students require different resources.
  • High achievable expectations are essential for the success of all students.
  • The staff and faculty members have a critical responsibility for student success.
  • Learning is a continual, cooperative process among students, parents, the community, and faculty.
  • Knowledge and skill must be combined with practical exposure, creative thinking and problem solving, so that students can apply what they have learned and succeed in a changing, technologically advanced society.

Our Commitment:

DIST Group of Institutions will provide quality education through quality teaching and continuous monitoring. This will help to create leaders in the field, who will be able to manage large-scale technological applications worldwide.


DIST Group of Institutions is located at Durgapur (W.B.) famous in India and abroad for Iron & Steel Industry. The institute is situated amidst the soothing environment of green nature. The calm, quiet and serene surrounding of the area is quite conducive for academic pursuits. The institute is housed in 2 four-storied building. One at Nehru Avenue, Durgapur-14 and the other at Parulia, Durgapur – 713205. A group of young, visionary and committed academicians are to nurture its education system. We are determined to help our students to acquire strong educational foundation, analytical and creative thinking, effective communication skills and a rich value system collaborating with Government and Non-Governmental organizations.


Its gigantic buildings, trendy furniture and ultramodern laboratory do not measure an academic institute. The real value of an institute lies in the hands of its faculty members. Excellence in any branch of education ultimately depends on the faculty and our lecturers & instructors are among the best. Students receive personal attention from our dedicated faculty members who are going to make learning a delightful experience. Besides, the full-time lecturers, eminent scholars experienced in the respective fields are invited as guest lecturers.

Library & Reading Room:

The college library has a huge collection of textbooks and reference books. It also houses a good collection of encyclopedia & dictionaries. The reading room offers a rich collection of Periodicals, Newspapers and Journals.

Lecture Halls:

The Lecture halls of DIST Group of Institutions are spacious and well lit with good ventilation. All lecture halls are functionally designed with modern furniture. Lecture halls have been provided with educational aids like LCD projectors, overhead projectors and computers.

Computer Centre :

A well-equipped computer centre with free Broadband Internet facility has been set up in this institution with an attempt to literate all the students of DIST Group of Institutions in computer education.

Attendance :

Every student must have to attend at least 75% of the classes held during the entire period of his / her course of study to appear at the examination as a regular student.

Identity Card :

An Identity Card will be issued to each student of DIST Group of Institutions, which will contain an SID No. (Student Identity Number) and other information such as name, address, telephone no, E-mail ID, Blood group, course, and session. Students are requested to submit a certificate stating their blood group. During class hours, the School Identity Card is compulsory to put on. The Identity Card should also be carried while visiting an Industry or Research Institute for training.

Uniform & Grooming :

For maintaining uniformity among the students of the DIST Group of Institutions, the Institute has introduced its uniform code which is compulsory for the students. All the students are supposed to attend the classes in perfect uniform as provided by the Institute.

Boys must have short and properly groomed hair, clean and well trimmed nails. Side locks are not allowed. They are required to attend the class with a clean shave every day.

Girls must have properly groomed hair, clean and well trimmed nails without nail polish. Perfumes should not be used while attending the theory and practical classes. Except on special occasions, not more than one ring should be put in the finger and not more than one pair of bangles should be worn while attending the class.

Any student who is not properly groomed or not in proper uniform will not be allowed to attend the class on the particular day.

Hostel Facilities :

Hostel facilities are only available to the out station students. There are separate Hostels for Boys and Girls with stay in warden & security. Both the hostels are located in the vicinity of the Institute. Hostels are equipped with necessary furniture, telephone, single cot etc. Besides providing these basic amenities to the Hostel inmates, a regular transport facility will also be available. Proper care is taken to provide regular healthy meal thrice a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Entertainment facilities like TV and indoor games have also been arranged in the Hostels.

Placement :

In consideration of the future placement of the students, DIST Group of Institutions has set up a placement cell to advise them on the various career opportunities. The Institute will be in constant touch with the industrial concerns and business houses for job training, campus recruitment and placement of our students.

The ultimate goal of every professional education is to get a good job in a reputed concern. Keeping this in mind DIST Group of Institutions has already established its own HRD & Placement Cell with a fulltime Placement Officer, who is to look about the placement of the students in different vistas in India and abroad after the successful completion of their courses. There is also a Placement Committee consisting of Faculty Members, Senior professionals and Executives from Industry, Executives from different Private and Govt. Research Institutes and Eminent Educationists who will counsel and guide the students to place them at the Industry of their dream.

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