Today India is truly shining as an upcoming Nation in the world of technology, management and hospitality. The scope of opportunities in the country is increasing at a fast and furious pace. Careers in the Biotechnology industry are soaring and there is an ever-increasing demand for fresh breed of trained youth in this field. This can be envisaged by the $1 billion in revenues out of $91 billion from the Global market. India’s biotech players are demonstrating the size need not be a constraint. India stands 10th among Biotech crop producing countries (1.3 million hectre). In the Indian biotech contingent at the BIO 2005 annual convention in Philadelphia India’s strategy was clear : to make the country an attractive destination to pharma and biotech, majors looking for partners to drastically reduce the ever increasing drug development costs. On this basis IDC foresees that IT spending in Biosciences in India will cross $138 million.

Global Biotech community is doing its own “due diligence” on its own and everything seems to be falling in place. With the product patents regime in place and only data exclucivity the major irritant, India is being looked at as a favourable biotech destination. India is attractive because it is a role model for other developing countries. The Government of India is doing everything it can to promote biotechnology industry in India and we are confident enough that this industry is going to open up galore of career opportunities for the right candidates..

n fact DIST stands alone as a beacon, its unique vision and peerless standard of perfection, have set it a breed apart from any other venture in this field. DIST, is arguably the best choice for students who wish to harvest the prosperous resources of the Biotechnology and Biochemistry Industry as it has a perfect combination of indelible expertise and experienced faculty members. DIST derives its extraordinary stature from its strict adherence to high quality standard in all aspects.


Essentially, if one has an aptitude for innovation, an urge to develop something for mankind, only then he/she should get into the Biotechnology / Biochemistry stream. Bioscience courses are specialized programs with a focus on research and development. It equips a student to pursue further with R&D in the areas of vaccines, diagnostics, agriculture, etc. whereas biosciences in synergy with mathematics and biology is bioengineering. It would constitute of, for example, a new process leading to a new technology, which ultimately leads to a new product. It is also the use of engineering principles to develop a niche area like the concept of plant bioreactors where biomass is used as a feedstock to develop products.


There are basically three types of students : First those who look for Higher Education; Second, who opt for a job immediately after coming out from the College; and the Third who look at becoming Entrepreneurs. Students should have clarity in mind and focus on what they want. For pursuing future Research, there are large opportunities both in Academia and in Industry. The various Universities, National Research Labs., ICMR Institutes and Centers of Excellence provide a wide variety of options for students looking at Higher Education. The core Recombinant technology areas for Research are Agriculture, Medical Research and Healthcare, Industrial Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Bioenergy and Biofuels.

Students wanting to work in the Industry can look at the areas of R&D, manufacturing, quality assessment / control, sales & marketing and marketing analysis. There are also a number of opportunities for working in the area of environment like the Biological Diversity arena. The implementation of the biosafety measures will also require thousands of students. Some of the other areas are working on new agrotech practices, novel pesticides and biofertilizers. A large number of Knowledge centers are needed in the rural areas, which will employ educated youth for transforming the farming practices and promoting the concept of biovillage. This is similar to the rural development in China.

So, students can do wonderful work in the rural technology centers in smaller cities and towns. In this way, the B.Sc. / M.Sc. Biotechnology / Biochemistry students can play an useful role in the Rural Bioresource Council.


Today, there is a specific requirement of quality manpower for the third generation of Biotechnology and Biochemistry. Till now, many a times, it has been seen that good scientists hesitate to come to the Industry. Budding biotechnologists and biochemists should remember that the biotech industry is now involved in research and development. Earlier companies were spending about 5-10% of the total turnover into innovative R & D but of late they are investing 15-20% of the total turnover into it. Though the Indian Industry is still at a nascent stage of indigenous research and process development, its scientific environment (facilities) have been built consciously, which is very good. Students having an innovative bent of mind can enter this arena. Besides research there are openings at various levels like in quality control, marketing and sales, regulatory sector, technology transfer, clinical trails and in the bioservices segment (CROs).

Since the Industry has become more competitive, it has specific human resource requirements, which it finds hard to fulfill. Presently, most of the students are like technicians and there is a great dearth of talent. It is important to remember that the Industry is for profit and will identify the person based on his skills and attitude.



“Get into the core of Bioscience with the best Biotech training”

DIST is one of the Pioneer Institute for Biotechnology & Biochemistry courses under The University of Burdwan, Burdwan, W.B. We are specialized in providing training to young boys and girls who are seeking a career in the Biotechnology related industry.

We are very particular about the students we select. They are analyzed with respect to their individual demographics, temperament, levels of responsiveness, communication skills, lifestyle and past experience. Each batch is deliberately kept small in size to ensure individual attention. Once they enter the portals of DIST, each student is driven hard in order to meet the demanding standards of our faculty. Thus we manage to extract the best from every student by stretching their natural abilities to the highest limit. This results in a polished and suave professional, who will able to meet the most impeccable standards of the Biotechnology Industry. Students of DIST are excelling in competence, courtesy, reliability, responsiveness, communication skills, creativity and style. An achievement that is borne out by the fact that our students require very little training from the Organizations that is to recruit them. They only need to be introduced to the particular style / trend and discerning features of the Organizations that will be employing them.

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